Welcome All Beta Testers!

What can we say other than THANK YOU!

We’re excited about our new LOMAPS service, and we’re delighted you’re willing to try us out, and give us some very valuable feedback.

Hopefully its crystal clear that all we re trying to do is help every one of our LO clients to work smarter, not harder! We’ve got your back so that you can stay focused on using your time as wisely as possible.

We’ve approached the development of this service by using it in real life ourselves. From our testing, LOMAPS allows you, the LO, to your advantage. Do you need to use LOMAPS on every lead? No way! But there are a few times that it makes PERFECT sense to use LOMAPS:

  1. You’ve got the lead truly understanding your offering, and you need to memorialize all the details so that when they price shop, they have every detail for their comparison!
  2. Your call is warmed up, but it’s taking too long, and you want to give them something to munch on, and schedule a follow up call so you can move on with your prospecting.

So in short, thank you again, and please watch for suggestions and updates as you familiarize yourself with our platform!